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Spreading Music And Joy

I love sharing music and joy. I want to spend more time making music and making others smile. I hope you'll stop in from time to time, just to listen and see what's new; where I'll be playing and what new songs I've produced. I wrote music for many years. It got to the point where I could never get a good recording, or I would write a lot of songs and just never get them on wax. But what I learned along the way, was that if you aren't singing to anyone, or simply because it makes you happy, then why record it? We can become so driven about the how or the when, but never consider the why. I recently joined Bandmix and linked it to my page, so I can get some hits, maybe hook up and get some jams going. Yet even that can be an extensive and boundless venue to brave, when it comes to meeting and gelling with the right crowd, just for jamming, or seriously putting together a songlist.

There's a lot to producing music, if you're going to write it; simply because how you play and sing it in your room, will invariably have differentiations in the tone, tempo, key or even time signature, after finally getting it down with a group. When working with others, you have to be willing to give. In fact, I quit writing for myself, because I look forward to writing WITH other performers. There's nothing worse than a guy who has a song, just a certain way, and can never bend at all. Now if it's simple to play and has potential, then you should perform it no matter what, but music is about sharing, learning and bending, when it's complex. Let someone make suggestions. Let someone combine their song WITH yours, or even help with the chords and lyrics. There is nothing more boring than spending your life writing music nobody ever hears. Think of the why and you'll find yourself in place before you know it.

The music I write is often romantic and usually ballads, but i can write songs that jam all around. But for the making of a contribution, I am very confident with my chord knowledge and my vocal abilities, as well as lyrical skills. I'm a rhythm guitar player, but I love to double up and lead, when it's appropriate. I am a singer songwriter at heart and could never fill as a lead guitarist, a drummer, or a keyboardist. I'm very passionate about music and singing, but I am no prodigy, when it comes to performance techniques. I have an ear for chord progression and song formatting. So you can imagine, I get jealous and do a lot of practicing, as a guitarist and a keyboardist, so I can fill in when it's fun and safe for me to not mess up the performance. I'm always trying to be a better performer vocally and instrumentally. If you're an artist and you'd like to jam, head over to the contact page and reach out to me.

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