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If You Ended Up Here

If you ended up here in your search, I ought to tell you a destiny is calling the faithful; for while there are those faithful as law to themselves, within themselves, how much more are they a law to themselves, who are called by the One True Creator? If I am that, and you are that, then we are One in the All and the Light Of Humanity is the Loving Spirit, whom we seek most the days of our lives; desiring again to, somehow find that fellowship, where a man is of value, because he was created by IOUO, the One and Almighty of the Universe, who is all in us all! How should we view this god? As if everything is already finished, knowing that troubles, sinners and wayward justice, are merely the evidence the LORD's Name has been defiled in ALL the Houses Of Israel; be they Christian, Jew, Hindu or Muslim. They who are in the earth should know that the All, is all seeing, all knowing; and is understanding beyond comprehension, with Mercy sealed in the very Burden of that infnite and invisible Word. For whatever may have been His Plan, would have been known before the beginning of all that is; for in every world, in every galaxy, is the Key Of Life.

They who receive that Key, will receive it's Bearer and Llewelyn Of Lights; forever is she One with that Virgin Spirit Of The Light! She alone bears his infinite Name IOUEL. She is perpetually at one with the All, who IS in All. She never strays, she never doubts. Her place is with the Chosen One, who is forever beholden to Michael, who is Satanuel, Lord Of Spirits! For all who would be one with the All, may only love the Light and the Mother of the Sun; She Nature! It is in the glorifying of the All, by a name of one, who has extended the Light to others, after having dwelled long in that Light; and having found the power of the Light, to regenerate the body of the human being, and soon to infinity! Let them live in doubt, who deny the LORD's word was divided; in that many treatises of the Infinite Word, what dwells in the heart of every child, even every newborn babe; that Word is infinite knowing and eternal being. If I am upright with the Key, I may live on, sharing that Light, in the LIGHT for Infinity! If I choose to remain a human til the end of infinity, so shall it be, so has it been and so is it now! When they who contended with the Word realize their error, they will be already in the heart of Mother Earth. But she shall bring them forth yet again, that they may receive the Key Of Life and live on, unto infinity!

This was the promise given Humanity, for perpetually are they One with the All, In Us All. That Supreme Deity, what evades even the Highest in understanding; they spend their lives getting to know him, then fall down, for the sake of the Law; and the Grace Of Mercy. For had they not fallen to decay and mortal doom, they would not long for life's key; and drifted from reason and truth, would we again be abandoned to the spaces of time and the thrust of infinity, what every time, punishes the Human Race, for masquerading as the enemy of life, in the form of greed. For that forever invisible enemy, is the unknown, the unknowable, the unreachable, as forever seen through the eyes of illusion. We must release this illusion, to the One, who has guided us all our days, to the water of life, to the fountain of eternal love; and now to the River Of Life, what regenerates the human form afresh, again and again, without diminution. There may  be no death to the One, who stands in the circle, regenerating his Light before the Supreme Sun, what is LIGHT of all the Lights! This One has forever been glorified as the Lightbearer, who having never fallen, receives all glory, for sharing the Key Of Life with all humanity, so they may live to infinity, with the Causes Of Causes. That cause is God, who has become the very self of the Ones you love so dearly.

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